The Monitor Discussion Group is on indefinite hiatus. 

We need a new tech person and we’re rethinking the time and place. Currently we’re considering online only, monthly, perhaps in the evening.

Last year saw some great discussions and two Q&A sessions with Mark Sappenfield. He’s open to further Q&As this year as well. Many thanks to all who participated!

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

A weekly reading, research, and discussion group designed to give members and the community a place to engage deeply and prayerfully with important world issues.

"I wouldn't ordinarily choose to read some of the articles for discussion, but when I do, I get engaged and the discussions we have are very valuable to me." - T.L. 

These are the articles from our December 1, 2023, meeting.

Important note: Readers who are not Monitor subscribers are gifted 3 free articles each month. If you've read your 3 articles, you're welcome to come into our Reading Rooms to read the digital paper on our computers (for free) or pick up PDFs of the articles. We can also email the PDFs to you.

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In Michigan’s Macomb County, uncertainty over ‘Bidenomics’

The economy is perennially a key election issue, and a visit to a swing county in Michigan reveals a quandary: Job growth is strong, yet voters have persistent concerns about inflation and housing costs.

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The weather within

 We close each meeting by listening to a Christian Science Perspective.

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Questions guiding our discussions

After reading aloud the digital article’s “Quick Read”, we’ll ask:

At the end of our discussons, before listening to the Christian Science Perspective article, we'll ask a series of feedback questions: What have we learned from our discussion? What do we need to continue doing? What do we need to stop doing? How has this discussion blessed all mankind?  


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The Christian Science Monitor's Mission

A selection of articles from the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal

1990 - The Monitor's spiritual purpose

By Peter B. Vanderhoef

“When Mrs. Eddy founded The Christian Science Monitor, she said that its purpose was "to spread undivided the Science that operates unspent." As the Monitor fulfills this purpose it will accomplish its objective "to injure no man, but to bless all mankind”…” 

From the October 1990 issue of The Christian Science Journal

1935 - “An International Daily Newspaper”

By P. Howard Barringer

“A monitor is one who admonishes. Among the definitions of the word "admonish" are "exhort, give advice, warn, inform, remind." It is the function of the Monitor to do all these very things in regard to world events, national and international. It is our part to heed such information and admonition and to think rightly on such matters.”

From the February 23, 1935 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

1961 - The Monitor's Mission

By John Hay Scott

“It is not enough to read the Monitor, nor is it enough to hand it on; both we may do. With its insight into and uncovering of the international situation, it helps us to combat the illusions of mortal mind effectively. But we do not "spread undivided the Science that operates unspent" if we stop at reading about these errors. Indeed, if we stop there the situation is no better than before; we have, in fact, accepted the forces of evil as having power. We must "spread undivided" infinite good; we must refute evil and replace it with the indivisible thought of omnipresent good and by this reversal arrive at the truth of any situation. Having done this we really are embracing the Monitor in our thought; we really are injuring no man, but blessing all mankind.” 

“We can see around us,… a wider picture of the world that needs the corrective thought of Christian Science. And to help the world at this juncture,..let us more speedily communicate the Monitor's power for good so that mankind may indeed be blessed and not left hungering.” 

Article April 15, 1961 Issue

From the April 15, 1961 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

1975 - Journalism That Heals

By David G. Mutch

“Human methods do not of themselves uplift the race,…. But spiritually enlightened thought finds ever-renewable forms of supply. . . Those who practice Christian Science need to devote time and energy to holding their thoughts of the Monitor firmly on a metaphysical course.” 

From the November 1975 issue of The Christian Science Journal

1996 - The Christian Science Monitor: its spiritual purpose and method

By David G. Mutch

“Those who practice Christian Science need to devote time and energy to holding their thoughts of the Monitor firmly on a metaphysical course." ". . . when Mrs. Eddy expressed her wish that all Christian Scientists, and as many others as possible, subscribe to and read the Monitor, she was indicating its primary supporters—those who are active in her movement…. These supporters of the Monitor know that in all healing work they need to exchange in their own thought the material-sense view of a situation for the true, or spiritual, view. That is, they prayerfully acknowledge that God's power is supreme and therefore that the divine activity, or what God is doing, is able to heal and rightly govern human activity.”  

From the August 1996 issue of The Christian Science Journal

2017 - Monitor Daily – A new digital product from The Christian Science Monitor

By Mark Sappenfield

Church notice in the April 17, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel, Youtube video

2017 - The Christian Science Monitor’s core promise and a new digital product

By Mark Sappenfield

“It is the promise that the Monitor will help lift the world to see the operation of divine law in every aspect of world affairs—from our children’s day care to Russian politics.” 

Originally published in the May 15, 2017, Christian Science Sentinel

Republished in the June 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal