A Christian Science Reading Room is a quiet place to press reset . . . to find out why understanding God matters . . . to discover the relevance of Bible stories, especially Christ Jesus' teachings and ministry . . . to learn about your wholeness, strength, and intelligence as Gods forever beloved. 

It's a place to refresh your heart and mind with new and expansive views of your identity and purpose. 

Come in and read or listen to the weekly Bible Lesson, articles, testimonies, and recordings of healings through prayer of physical and mental challenges -- from over 100 years of first-hand accounts.

Come in and enjoy your lunch in an atmosphere of support and quiet joy. 

Come in and enjoy the children's section with your kids.  

Come in and  study, borrow, or buy the Bible and the writings of Christian healer and theologian Mary Baker Eddy. And read or borrow biographies of this inspired and trailblazing woman.  

Come in and read or listen to metaphysical articles with practical applications in the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal.

Come in and read The Christian Science Monitor weekly newspaper or listen to its daily features covering national and world affairs, science and nature, arts and culture,  and opinion and perspectives.  

Come in and listen to podcasts from the Christian Science Sentinel's weekly Sentinel Watch and Daily Lift programs.

We hope you'll stop in. 

We'd love to welcome you and say hello.